It is easily to reach this place with a number of names: Tamgaly Tas, Painted rocks, «where the Buddha on the cliff». There were held bard festival “Purple Wind”, “Tamgaly Tas” festival (last few years) and Ili River Regatta. Such a popular place. In the web there are many descriptions of how to get there, we will add one more.

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Move along the route Almaty-Taldykurgan, after Kapchagay Hydro-electric Power Station (the bridge) will

be turn to Bakanas route (left side) Please be aware that this part of road is under construction so try not to

lose a turn. After another 20 km along Bakanas route you will see road sign — billboard (right hand side)

“Tamgaly Tas” – there you should turn left to the dirt road. Drive on the dirt road around 6 km, down into

the valley. In front of sand hill keep going on left road. When you will see large gates (Chinese style) – you

are arrived.

Precise coordinates: 44 ° 04’01.4 «N 76 ° 59’46.4» E