«Tengri Ultra Trail»


«Tengri Ultra Trail» is a call of endless expanse. Sky is blue and sun is shining above a poppy fields. Larks are piping. You feel fresh breeze right in your face. You feel wings on you back. You are running. You are flying up. Magnificent view of the great river is far below. «Tengri Ultra Trail» is for that people who loves freedom and expanses, who bored with asphalt roads, who wants to run up to hills all along green fields, dodge through rocky canyons, freely breathe aif of steppes.


2015 «Tengri Ultra Trail» ultra marathon  will be held on May 9, 10, 2015 with 10k (Sprint), 25k (Trail), and 50k (Ultra) race categories. Kilometric distances not given exactly due to the cross-country area. Venue of the competitions: place Tamgaly Tas valley of the river Ili, 100 km from Almaty.

Timing. Participants of each category should finish within time in the table below.

10k (Sprint) — 3 hours
25k (Trail) — 6 hours
50k (Ultra) — 10 hours

The terrain of marathon is steppe, different surfaces like a gravel roads, scree, rocky canyons, herb fields. Trails will be marked out and include unique landmarks.

All persons men and women in age from 18 to 199 wishing to try theirs strength are welcome to participate.

Starting Time. Early morning in 10 of May. 9 of May is reserved for preparations such as arrangement of camping, terrain study, pre-race briefings. Transfer from Almaty city to base camp might be.

Organized by public association  ОО «Экстремальная Атлетика» with the assistance of «Казахстанская Федерация Любительского Триатлона».

Information partner – «Ветер Странствий» magazine.

Sponsors are welcome to be involved in mutually beneficial contribution!

Race Rules will be published in 2 month before race starts.


10k (Sprint) — 1500 KZT per person
25k (Trail) — 2000 KZT per person
50k (Ultra) — 4000 KZT per person

Registration fees after due dates:

25k (Trail) — 4000 KZT per person
50k (Ultra) — 6000 KZT per person

Registration fees cover costs of race tags, safety, beverages and snack, commemorative medal (for Ultra) and commemorative pennant for others finalist, commemorative souvenir.

Sprint registration is open till 9 of May.
Trail and Ultra registration is open till 30 of April.

We accept the following payment method: money transfer to Qiwi wallet +77052224012
After payment email message with details below should be sent to email address tengriultra@gmail.com

  1. Scan copy (or photography) of payment check
  2. Name and birth date of participant
  3. Additional information (sport club, region etc.)
  4. Bus seat request
  5. Tent and sleeping bag request (We will try to help you, but we can’t be ensure)

A start number will be assigned in reply. You can get a tag with your number at 9 of May on registration point.
In case if registration on registration point in day of race starts payment should be paid in cash.

AGE groups:



First three winners in each age group will receive a winner’s medal and giftpacks from sponsors.
Each Sprint and Trails finishers of the «Tengri Ultra Trail» will receive Finisher’s pennant.
Each Ultra finishers of the «Tengri Ultra Trail» will receive Finisher’s medal.

EVENT schedule:

2015, 9 of May – base camp arrival

15:00 — base camp open
16:00-20:00 — registration
20:00 — pre-race briefings

2015, 10 of May

6:30 — assembly and gun time 50k
8:30 — assembly and gun time 25k
9:30 — assembly and gun time 10k
16:30 — close-gate
18:00 — award
19:00 — departure

Transfer to base camp might be.

Reading of this announcement is not deliver from learning of Race Rules

In case of any questions please contact:  +77052224012, tengriultra@gmail.com (prefer)

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